The Newton Democracy PAC was formed by Newton Residents who believe Newton needs a new direction that is fiscally responsible, green and addresses the needs of all of our community. 

The City's budget is in crisis. Newton's pensions are underfunded. We are obligated to fund $1 Billion Dollars towards OPEB and pensions funds.

Most of the 2020 Revenue in Newton's Budget (83%)  comes from Residential Property Tax.  Newton is losing our valuable Commercial tax base (which is taxed twice as much as residential) and increasing our Residential tax base. 

Developers are targeting our commercial zones and are building high-density residential properties. This increases the burden on the Residential tax base. 

It is estimated that by 2030, 1 in 3 Newton Residents will be over 60 and won't be able to afford Newton taxes. How are seniors supposed to stay if they are burdened with such a large tax?  Newton Democracy believes that the city needs to build a commercial tax base to reduce its reliance on property taxes, so we can maintain a community where working and middle class families can still afford to live and our seniors can afford to age in place.

Over 70% of Newton residents drive to work. Building high-density apartment complexes adds cars and people - congesting streets, adding gridlock in rush hour traffic, worsening air pollution and contributing to climate change.

More recently, the Mayors Planning department and the Zoning & Planning Committee have been discussing proposals that would drastically increase luxury housing in our city. When pressed on this, the Planning Department refuse to state how many more units they would like to create.